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June 2014

Abstract config settings from web.config

In ASP.NET, application settings can be specified in the web.config file such as: <appSettings> <add key=”PostsPerPage” value=”6″ /> <add key=”CookieName” value=”Foo” /> </appSettings> The beauty of this is that you don’t need to edit code to make changes to the… Continue Reading →

Copy table schema to new a table

In SQL Server, SELECT INTO is used to copy data from an existing table/s into a new one. However by adding a WHERE clause which will always return false, this will prevent any data from being copied, and therefore create… Continue Reading →

Create a flashing tab notification page title

Page title notifications switch between the default page title and a notification message continously in order to grab the user’s attention. This is commonly used with chat applications. I’ve written a small javascript object which can be used to switch… Continue Reading →

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