Calling SQL Stored Procedures in ASP.NET as simple text strings can cause problems such as:

Typo in Stored Procedure name. This isn’t a huge issue, but it can be costly if you later need to rebuild the application because of a simple typo!
Finding all references to a Stored Procedure. As the stored procedure is stored as a string, the only way you can find all occurrences of the stored procedure is by doing a “Find In Files”. This works fine unless you’re searching for “spFoo” and “spFooBar” also exists.

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("sp_Foo", conn);

An alternative way would be to store the stored procedure names in a class with a value the same as its name. For example:

public static class StoredProcedureNames {      
   public static string sp_Foo = "sp_Foo";    

Then the stored procedure can be called like:

SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(StoredProcedureNames.sp_Foo, conn);

Therefore the stored procedure is now strongly typed, and can be picked up with intellisense.